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23rd - 25th Nov , 2015 | Dolce CampoReal Lisboa

Mo Firouzabadian, SVP, Lumata will be conducting a workshop for Telcos on "Using Customer Data and Loyalty Initiatives to Drive Customer Engagement and Improve Customer Experience" 

Below is the complete agenda of the workshop:- 

1. Pillars of Customer Engagement:

a. Know your customer
b. Personalize real-time communication at all touch points
c. Create engaging experiences to build emotional connection with your customers


2. Know your customer:

a. Holistic customer profile: Build a 360 degree profile of the customer using data from various sources such as CDRs and behaviour on operator or third party properties.
b. Analytics: Turn data into actionable insight into customer behaviour and intent through machine learning.


3. Personalise real-time dialogue at all touch points
a. Personalise: Customise communication and offer to the individual customer based on their profile and context
b. Real-time: Act on real-time triggers to respond to the customer’s context at the time of need
c. Omni-channel: Communicate on customer’s preferred channel to maximise effectiveness.


4. Create engaging experiences to build emotional connect with your customers:

a. Build a bond beyond commercial transactions: Loyalty is not just a promotion or a programme. It happens over a series of interactions.
b. Gamify: Making loyalty fun pays off. Gamification increases customer engagement.
c. WOW your customers: Customers are more loyal to brands that go above and beyond.
d. Be Social: Extend the dialogue to social media to foster a sense of belonging and maximise your reach.


5. Use cases:

a. Value Statement. Communicate the value to customer to increase value perception that is a key driver of churn. Segment customers by the level of engagement with the statement and drive engagement up.
b. Avoid bill shock: Alert customer who goes out of bundle with a discount on next bundle.
c. Credit advance: Lend a helping hand to a creditworthy customer when she runs out of balance. Do it to help out the customer vs. charging them a fee.
d. Complaint response: Reward a customer proactively for a network issue or reactively for a customer complaint to call centre or on social networks.
e. Badges: Reward tenure, social advocacy etc. with badges to incentivise the desired behaviour from your customers.

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