About Lumata

The story so far

Our love affair with mobile began over a decade ago as part of the Buongiorno family, monetising content and pioneering many of the mobile marketing mechanics used in the industry today.

In 2011, backed by Francisco Partners, a technology focused private equity fund, we embarked on a new, ambitious path as Lumata.

250+ marketers and technologists on a mission to dream, design, and deliver the next generation of marketing solutions with real-time data as the heartbeat.

The next chapter

We believe the future is bright and it is powered by data.

In our case, it is data from the 500Mn+ consumers we touch through our products and solutions and the billions of events they generate.

We believe the future is shared customers, relationships and knowledge.

In our opinion, the most powerful customer propositions are based on bringing mobile operators, brands and advertisers together to engage customers with relevance and timeliness.

We believe the future is transparent data is a currency and customers own theirs.

In our view, the customer relationships that endure, and the propositions that succeed will be underpinned by customer's ability to control use of their data and also receive something in return.

With Expression, our next generation marketing platform and some of smartest minds in the industry, we will continue to help our clients and their partners enrich customer relationships and enable new revenue streams.

Why not join us in creating this connected, digital, mobile future?

The Lumata values

We are guided by four shared values that express what we do; how we motivate ourselves; and how we treat our clients and partners.

Customers first : We always put our customers’ interests ahead of ours. We’ll only deliver those products and services which add real value to our customers and make a difference in their business.

The data has the answers : We’re analytical and rigorous searchers of the truth. We’re constantly looking for a new nugget of insight that can benefit our customers in the future.

We're a team of experts : In a fast growing complex market, it is the only way to succeed. Our customers rely on us, trusting us to deliver what we promise, when we promise.

Small things matter : The ability to think big and small at the same time characterises all successful people and businesses.




Lumata is now an Evolving Systems company

On September 7th 2017, Evolving Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: EVOL), a leading provider of software and services for connected mobile devices to over 90 network operators in over 60 countries worldwide has acquired the business operations of Lumata Holdings Ltd. The Company's portfolio includes market-leading solutions and services for consumer lifecycle engagement (acquisition, activation, upsell, retention) analytics and monetization. Founded in 1985, the Company has headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Malaysia and Romania.


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