Campaign Recommendation Engine will enable operators to optimise loyalty marketing campaigns and maximise customer lifetime value

Pending | 25 July,2013

Campaign Recommendation Engine will enable operators to optimise loyalty marketing campaigns and maximise customer lifetime value

Mobile software and marketing services company, Lumata, has today announced an upgrade to its Expression customer base management (CBM) platform for operators. The addition of the Campaign Recommendation Engine (CRE) means that for the first time, operators can have a turnkey CBM solution with real-time predictive analytic capabilities. The CRE is the latest development in Lumata’s mission to provide operators with the tools they need to manage their brand’s interaction with consumers and achieve their marketing objectives over mobile.

The CRE can optimise an operator’s loyalty marketing by recommending, even at individual level, which marketing activity is most likely to engage the customer, to maximise value at each stage of the lifecycle and decrease churn.

Until now, developing an intelligent loyalty marketing campaign strategy has relied heavily on the personal experience of the customer base loyalty manager and required a customer analytics team. From today, any marketer can instantly access, analyse, test and act on a whole range of data from subscriber usage and previous marketing campaigns.

Expression advises marketers on the next best action or campaign available through a configurable, self-learning algorithm which seeks to maximise the potential average ARPU uplift for each customer. For example, marketers will know in real-time which campaign will be the most relevant to send to a specific subscriber (e.g. free calls versus free text messages offer) in order to achieve the best results against pre-defined objectives.

The Expression upgrade will be rolling out from July for customers including Orange and Digicel.

Thomas Enraght-Moony, CEO, Lumata, stated:

“We’re on a mission to transform the relationship businesses have with their customers and give marketers the tools they need to manage those relationships over mobile. Developments like the Campaign Recommendation Engine show our deep expertise in the telco space, our commitment to building market-leading products and our willingness to invest in R&D to make that happen. The reason why we’re winning business is because of our technology and the team of people behind it. This latest upgrade to the Expression platform is a testament to the quality of both.”

Christophe Masson, Head of Telecom Products, Lumata, added:

“This evolution of the Expression customer base management platform further sharpens the competitive edge our clients enjoy, helping them to decrease churn and increase revenue. The Campaign Recommendation Engine’s tightly integrated combination of predictive analytics and real-time campaign management capabilities enables operators to target the right customer with the right action at the right time.”

About Lumata

Lumata is the leading global provider of real-time customer lifecycle management, advertising, and data monetisation software and services. We provide operators, brands and advertisers with the tools and marketing expertise to unlock the value in their data. 

Lumata’s CLM solutions are powered by the Expression Platform, which globally reaches over 250 million consumers per year. Expression uniquely integrates predictive analytics, campaign management and offer optimisation modules in a single interface, enabling marketers to rapidly configure, deploy and analyse their CLM activities.

Lumata was formed in November 2011 and is backed by Francisco Partners, a leading technology focused private equity firm. For further information on Lumata, please visit



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