At Lumata, we are part of an ecosystem
that is building the digital connected world.


We are reinventing how relationships are managed between brands and consumers…

We are helping our clients discover the power of digital engagement…

We are enabling our clients to make smarter decisions at the speed of Now.


This requires individuals, who believe in collaborating to create, innovate, and reinvent.

  • We are at the beginning of the mobile & digital journey.
  • Based across Europe and Asia, we work seamlessly as one team.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to help our people to grow, as technologists, marketers, and individuals.
  • We believe in meritocracy, continuous learning, and having fun on the journey!


If this sounds exciting to you, then we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s build the future together!

I work here

  • Monica Valero, IT Manager, Lumata
    Monica Valero
    IT Manager,

    The best part of working with Lumata is the opportunity to work in a global and vibrant environment with tremendous career opportunities. I feel proud to say that I have a very dynamic job here at Lumata where I am free to take initiatives and think outside the box to identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role. I am looking forward to my future at the company and I believe Lumata is an excellent organization with which to build a career.

  • Anatoly Molodstov, Client Service Manager, Lumata
    Anatoly Molodtsov
    Client Service Manager,

    I have been working with Lumata since August 2006 and so far it has been an awesome career run where I had lots of fun, growth and learning. Every day I look forward to my day at the office because of the great passion and positive energy which my colleagues have in my office. I took a break from Lumata for a year and a half, but had to come back here since I did not find the kind of new projects, innovative ideas and a brilliant team elsewhere. And certainly, the team in Lumata is the best. If you are working here it will be very hard to leave this team!

  • Aditya Natani, Senior Manager, Lumata
    Aditya Natani
    Senior Manager,

    I am working with Lumata for last 10 years now and the excellent work culture and people have made this journey a fabulous one. It feels very great to have so many mentors in the organisation who are ready to coach and improve you as a professional. I started as a Sr. Developer and now working as Sr. Manager Technology & Architect. There were always opportunities to work on different projects and the learning process is continuous. I love the energy at our Noida office and think it is one of the coolest offices to work at. I love to be part of the Lumata family.

  • Luigi Longobardi, Performance Campaign Team Leader, Lumata
    Luigi Longobardi
    Performance Campaign Team Leader,

    Throughout my tenure at Lumata, I have been given wonderful opportunities to nurture my professional career development by finding a role in the company that suits my interests and abilities. For a person who has just entered the real work world Lumata has been a perfect platform for learning and enhancing my technical and professional skills.
    From my day one in Lumata, I have been given tremendous trust and responsibilities from my managers for me to take my own decisions and show my skills. The DNA of Lumata’s work culture is that we appreciate the initiatives taken by employees and most of them result into working models for our clients.

  • Hye-Joo Kim, Senior Marketing Consultant, Lumata
    Hye- Joo Kim
    Senior Marketing Consultant,

    The people at Lumata have been the highlight of my career here. With such a global and dynamic work force it is an amazing place to interact and work. Our culture is quite open and we allow people to take initiatives and come up with new ideas for work. In the past few years, I have got plenty of opportunities to acquire new skills, learn and grow as a professional.


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