Churn Management

Proactive churn management, powered by self-learning prediction


The challenge

Operators in markets with high mobile penetration, are faced with the challenge of high churn rates. Even emerging markets, that witnessed high growth in the past are now looking to consolidate their customer base and differentiate themselves from their peers to reduce churn rates.


The solution

Lumata’s churn management solution delivers anti-churn, winback and inactivity-prevention campaigns enhanced by an embedded predictive analytics engine that draws on historical data to predict the propensity to churn.


Churn prevention & winback

Predict drop in usage and target customers with a high propensity to churn with personalised anti-churn offers, without specialist analytical tools and support from IT departments. As a result, you can not only retain high value customers but also avoid wasted marketing spend on customers who are unlikely to churn while reducing churn by as high as 20%.

Credit or airtime advance

Loyal customers with a sound credit history may run out of balance for a short period making them susceptible to churn. Real-time intelligence, carefully crafted campaigns can help operators provide timely assistance either in the form of credit or airtime in return for a small fee that can save the customer from churning involuntarily.

The results

  • Average churn reduction: 20%
  • Typical customer engagement: > 20% of the target


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