The only predictive real-time marketing platform for CSPs to monetise every stage of the customer lifecycle

You are facing growing competition from new entrants and digital alternatives. Expression can help unlock the value of your biggest asset – customer data – by monetising every stage of the customer lifecycle. More than 100 telco operators globally have used Expression to improve ARPU, enhance customer retention and generate new revenue streams.



Grab every monetisation opportunity

Capture every opportunity to deliver a personalised interaction in real-time and foster one-to-one relationships with your customers.

Whether it is a customer who just activated a starter pack, a happy customer upgrading to a higher tariff plan, a loyal customer accepting a prize on her fifth anniversary, a high-value customer showing signs of churn, or a customer who is a perfect target for a contextual ad, Expression empowers you to act in real-time.

Enrich customer profile with prediction

Build a holistic profile of every individual customer and enrich it with self-learning models to predict customer behaviour such as probability of churn, likelihood of accepting an offer, time for next recharge, and increase or decrease in usage.

Expression comes with DnA, a big data platform capable of collecting, processing and storing large volumes of subscriber data from a wide variety of structured and unstructured data sources from your systems, ecosystem partners and 3rd party data providers.

Invest in a battle-tested platform for faster ROI

Marketers can launch highly targeted campaigns, without relying heavily on IT, resulting in faster ROI. As a result, you can expect to start seeing benefits in as little as three months.

We have delivered successful programmes for more than 100 operators globally using our battle-tested platform and we can do the same for you.




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