Expression Advertising

Generate new streams of revenue by monetising customer data

Expression Advertising enables telcos to tap into the rapidly evolving mobile advertising space, by exposing anonymised audience segments to third parties for targeted advertising. This requires a deep understanding of mobile advertising as well as the ability to process big telco data. Lumata brings over a decade of experience as a leading Italian mobile advertising network and media buying agency, in helping launch and manage ‘telco data’-inspired segments.

Expression Advertising is suitable for operators globally from SMS-centric emerging markets through to mature markets with developed mobile display ad ecosystem.

Monetise your SMS inventory with third party ads

Empower your advertising partners with a self-service application for launching ad campaigns over your inventory such as SMS or apps. Expression Advertising’s Target module includes an audience builder for creating segments based on variables such as customer value, location, interests, and behavioural intent.

Monetise audience segments with real-time ad enrichment

Enrich mobile display ads with your highly valued audience segments for targeted advertising. Expression Advertising’s Enrich module provides flexible real-time open APIs to integrate with ad networks, exchanges and supply-side platforms without sharing any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

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