Expression Content

Monetise content with a battle-tested Service Delivery Platform

Expression Content is a robust, battle-tested Service Delivery Platform (SDP) delivering Value Added Services (VAS) across various channels including SMS, USSD, IVR, OBD, WAP, Mobile Web and operator branded apps. Expression Content supports over 300mn consumers in Asia and Africa, with a full suite of VAS offerings, leveraging core 'Expression Marketing' capabilities of real-time prediction and segmentation, to improve the timeliness and relevance of content marketing.


Deliver content on demand, on any device

Design and deliver content and services on demand, to any device and channel with an integrated Content Management System (CMS). Build highly interactive, innovative services using our flexible business logic layer.

Simplify subscription lifecycle for your customers

Aggregate subscription management for content and services, from third party content providers and gain insights from entire subscription history.


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