Expression Marketing

Monetise subscribers with real-time marketing and next-generation loyalty

Expression Marketing is at the heart of Lumata’s real-time marketing and loyalty programmes. It includes a predictive analytics engine along with campaign management, so that marketers can design and launch highly targeted campaigns in minutes, not days or weeks, with little or no impact on IT or BI resources. Expression Marketing uniquely combines campaign management, loyalty programmes and real-time offer recommendation in a single platform to deliver sophisticated, personalised and interactive loyalty programmes.

Expression Marketing has helped operators globally launch successful campaigns over the years. We have compiled them into the "Campaign Library", a self-service cloud-based application to get inspired for your own high impact campaigns.


Segment your customer base, down to a few hundreds

Identify and retain high value customers with advanced segmentation on multiple dimensions such as ARPU, usage, lifecycle stage, prediction scores and age on network. Use segmentation to drive campaign planning and analytics. Segments are automatically updated with latest behavioural or status changes for every customer.

Put your data to work, with self-learning prediction

Predict customer behaviour through self-learning predictive analytics and automatically trigger campaigns for ‘persuadable’ customers to minimise churn or increase ARPU. Predict propensity to churn, recharge or change in usage without depending on specialist BI tools. Use prediction scores in campaign targets to optimise marketing spend.

Act in real-time, with contextual campaigns

Design & deliver relevant (contextual) and timely (real-time) triggered campaigns for ARPU stimulation, data upsell & cross-sell and retention programmes. Present each individual customer with the next best offer using real-time trigger events to maximise response.

Transform your loyalty program with market-leading innovation

Delight your subscribers with our market-leading next generation loyalty programmes that offer innovative ways to earn rewards with personalised, interactive customer experiences. Balance customer choice with spend on prizes using real-time offer optimisation. Expand your offer catalogue with brand partners and manage end-to-end voucher management for them.


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