Mobile advertising is no longer an option

Research insights on mobile advertising and the penetration and use of smartphones confirm that mobile marketing activities are now a real necessity for brands that want to positively interact with their customers.

Wed Jan 29,2014

Filippo Arroni, Head of Advertising, Lumata

Filippo Arroni Head of Advertising

This will be one of the topics at the conference “Mobile Marketing & Services: When strategy makes the difference” taking place at the Politecnico di Milano on January 30th.

These particularly exciting times for mobile advertising are confirmed in a report recently released by Gartner. Global mobile advertising spending is preparing for a boom in the coming years; rising from $13 billion in 2013 to $18 billion in 2014 and almost $42 billion in 2017. Display ad formats will be most prevalent, but the video format is the segment with the highest growth rate due to the increasing size of the tablet market.

In order to understand what is happening in the world of mobile advertising and mobile marketing in general, I think it is enlightening to examine the results of a recent study published by Flurry Analytics about app use: Since 2012, the use of mobile apps has more than doubled and in particular, messaging and social apps have seen a 203% year-over-year growth in use.

If we want to specifically look at some data in Italy – where our Lumata advertising organisation is based – we cannot help but observe that in this country, there are in the region of 97 million active mobile users. The most interesting insight can be found when studying mobile phone usage data: the percentage of users who are looking for local information via smartphones is 92%; users who are looking for products via their phones is 84%; and the ones who have made ​​online purchases on their phone is 30% (We Are Social’s Global Digital Statistics 2014 report). In light of these numbers, it is absolutely evident that no brand can now afford to ignore the new opportunities in this unique environment.

Furthermore, current mobile technologies enable powerful synergies between apps, segmentation and geo-location capabilities, and new ad formats, providing consumers with hugely effective call-to-actions that are simply not possible with other channels. Lumata in this respect is at the forefront of the implementation of these kinds of initiatives, as proved by the recent campaigns we have deployed, for example, through social navigation app Waze.

Filippo Arroni is a speaker at the conference “Mobile Marketing & Services: When strategy makes the difference” organised by the Politecnico di Milano on 30th January.

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