Ovum cites Lumata’s successful customer case study in its latest research on Loyalty marketing!

London | 24 Nov,2015

Ovum, the leading analyst firm, today released a research paper on “telco loyalty marketing”, quoting Mobistar’s award-winning ‘Have a Nice Day’ Badges campaign run by Lumata. Ovum’s report focuses on how Operators can generate brand loyalty and advocacy by using real-time marketing and analytics solutions to leverage customer data and create relevant personalized customer offers.

Speaking about Ovum’s recent research paper on loyalty programs, Clare McCarthy, Practice Leader for Ovum Telecoms Operations and IT said “Digital services require more engaging customer loyalty programs from operators, who are struggling currently to develop customers as advocacy ambassadors.” McCarthy continued, “Operators are at a critical point in their lifecycle and they really need to think about how to up their game to deliver and support digital services. They need to look at working with quality brands to offer exclusive deals to microsegments of their customer base; they need to use gamification to actively engage with customers and keep them coming back for more, and above all they need to deliver the kind of value that makes customers feel valued.”

Commenting on the latest trends on Loyalty Marketing and data monetisation, Adhish Kulkarni, CMO, Lumata said, “the real challenge for telcos nowadays is to deliver an exceptional customer experience for its customers by being innovative, while creating meaningful conversations with subscribers. At Lumata, we combine our expertise of running the longest and largest Telco loyalty deployments with a deep understanding of customer behaviour to design loyalty campaigns that stand out from the crowd. At the heart of this approach is the ability to reach customers at the ‘moment of truth’ with relevant engagement”

Download the complete report here-


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