Real-time Marketing

Stimulate your customers with real-time marketing


The challenge

ARPU stimulation is a common challenge we see across all markets. Mature markets are witnessing flat ARPU with all-you-can-eat tariffs becoming the norm. In emerging and developing markets, customers carry multiple SIMs and switch operators frequently. On the brighter side, mobile data usage is soaring with increasing smartphone penetration. However, operators need to promote data services carefully to prevent cannibalisation of existing services.


The solution

Lumata’s Real-time Marketing solution provides the agile tools you need to stimulate spend and usage for highly targeted microsegments. Lumata has demonstrated long-running expertise in delivering real-time marketing solutions for ARPU stimulation, upsell and cross-sell. Our team of marketing experts can provide proven end-to-end best-practice marketing solutions to help you rapidly grow ARPU.


Realise the full potential of mobile data

Mobile data is emerging into a significant driver for ARPU across different markets. Smartphones and Over-The-Top (OTT) services such as WhatsApp are ubiquitous even in emerging and developing markets.

Our Mobile Data Upsell solution is designed to help you monetise this trend without cannibalising traditional voice and SMS revenues. Using our Expression Marketing product, you can target customers based on their propensity to consume mobile data and nudge them along in a journey of increasing data usage over time through progressive data or packaged content bundles.

Grow revenues even in flat ARPU markets

For the prepaid audience, recharge event is the single most important customer engagement. Combining interactivity and gamification with hyper-segmentation and sophisticated offer recommendation, our 'Recharge & Win' programmes can boost recharge frequency and denomination even in markets with all-you-can-eat tariffs.

Generate new revenue streams on legacy IN

In highly competitive emerging markets, you need the ability to react to market opportunities and competitors' offers in minutes, not days or weeks.

Lumata’s IN Accelerator solution empowers operators to implement limited-time offers, bundles and rate plan options that are too complex to set up on legacy prepaid IN systems. These offers are short bursts of voice, SMS and data, combined with easy ordering channel such as SMS or USSD, designed to stimulate frequent impulse purchases.

Increase share of wallet with multi-SIM customers

In some emerging and developing markets, customers switch SIMs frequently to take advantage of latest offers. Our Multi-SIM solution follows a 4-step approach to target multi-SIM users based on their off-net and on-net calling patterns, design campaigns to increase share of wallet through progressive usage tiers, detect real-time presence of multi-SIM users in the network, and deliver the personalised bonus in real-time.

The results

  • Typical increase in usage: 2-4 times
  • Typical customer engagement: up to 40% of the target
  • Typical ARPU uplift: up to 80% in emerging markets


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