Thinking Mobile First

Sunday Feb 12,2012


Here at Lumata, we believe you should be thinking mobile first.

Over the past decade, as consumers, we have been spoilt with new, powerful mobile devices, ever faster download speeds (2g, then 3g, now 4g) and of course the App revolution which has opened unforeseen opportunities to interact with the brands we love.As a result, we now have always on, always connected computers in our pockets, and companies that want to win in this world, are beginning to take heed.

For brands,  the mobile channel offers an incredible spectrum of customer engagement opportunities, ranging from the humble 140 character SMS to video-enabled, location-aware ads. And while the past decade has seen some brands embrace mobile as a core part of the marketing mix (e.g Starbucks), for most, it has been a nice-to-have, experimental medium… till now.

Faced with a connected, mobile customer, more and more marketers are starting to think about Mobile First experiences. This is where the initial interaction between customer and brand happens over the mobile channel. And in that moment of truth, brands can spark a powerful relationship, enable an impulse purchase or capture a crucial piece of data.

No matter where marketers are on their ‘mobile journey’, the following questions keep coming up:

  1. How do I cut through the hype and clutter to really engage with customers on the move?
  2. Where does mobile fit within my marketing strategy… Where do I begin?
  3. How do I build a positive business case… What’s the ROI?
  4. What data should I use to engage customers?

Sounds familiar?

That’s part of the reason why we’ve started this blog – so we can share our thoughts, insight and data as we tackle the big mobile marketing challenges faced by marketers today.

We hope you’ll join us on this ‘mobile journey’ as we engage with marketing decision-makers in consumer brands,  agencies and mobile operators… from Madagascar to Moscow and everywhere in between.

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