VAS Africa Com

30th June - 1st July , 2015 | Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa has one of the world’s most innovative and complex mobile markets and the Value Add Services (VAS) ecosystem is in constant evolution. 

VAS Africa 2015, in its fifth year, will see operators, regulators, content providers and mobile marketing experts gather to address the challenges and opportunities offered by looking at which services will capture customer’s imaginations and focus on how to ensure ongoing revenue for an increasingly complex digital value chain. 
As African consumer expectation and market demand grows, the technology challenges need to be addressed and the programme will focus on what the impact of high speed technology will be on the quantity and quality of content available.
With a wealth of new players and many exciting developments in M commerce the programme will have a dedicated Mobile Money and M Commerce stream which brings together operators, banks and platform providers focusing on new business strategies evolving to meet growing market demands.
VAS Africa 2015 recognises that Africa often leads the way in Innovation and new M- Education and M Health projects will be profiled as the Start-up and entrepreneur community contribute to exciting discussions about latest projects.  
We look forward to seeing you in Johannesburg and welcome you to engage with and develop the vas ecosystem over these exciting two days.

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